TeamFusion from AtomOrbit Software

HOW Business does byod

Mobile, Responsive, Cutting Edge, Downright Sexy.

TeamFusion Features

  • Responsive design for perfectly tailored user experiences on phones, tablets & desktops.
  • Device agnostic technology so that it works on any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • HTML5 platform with no browser plugins.
  • No app to install, just a flawless and efficient browser interface that feels likes an app.
  • Users can customize their own dashboard with whatever data they chose with a few clicks, swipes or touches.

Legacy data made beautiful

  • Give your users the experience they wanted but didn’t think was possible. (Get ready for a lot of thank you email)
  • Unleash the power of your legacy data without spending a fortune on customization.
  • Stop working around the UI, mow it down with a bulldozer.
  • Easily create Dashboards with data from SalesForce, Dropbox & Basecamp right along native SharePoint data.

Mobile, Light & Powerful

  • Works on all your devices (mobile, tablet & desktop)
  • No plugins required (no Flash, No Silverlight, No Java)
  • Feels like an app but works like HTML (HTML5 that is)
  • Responsive design (which means it looks awesome on everything)
  • Touchable, swipe-able, & intuitive (or in other words, the way you use everything else except average business applications)

Blend external data into a single Dashboard

  • Add a SalesForce report to your dashboard in roughly 13.67 seconds. We timed it.
  • Eliminate browser-tab hell by bringing the data you need to a single dashboard. Your browser will thank you.
  • Create your own Dashboard tailored to your workflow with a few taps & swipes from any device.
  • Scattered data sources blended into a seamless dashboard, on any device, anywhere. Read that again and let it sink in.

Business Intelligence done intelligently

  • Reports that look incredible on any screen.
  • Create a new Report in minutes, not hours.
  • Pass it a SQL query, XML file, whatever you like.
  • Add new reports as easily as adding a new app to your home screen.
  • Pick your Report Type, X axis, Y axis and…. oh wait, that’s it. You’re done. (No really, you’re done.)

unite your business applications

  • A cohesive user experience without the duct tape and wire.
  • Use our platform and our dead-simple interface to add applications that still talk about 99 cents a gallon gas.
  • It’s not just amazing for old legacy data, it’s just amazing.